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Welcome to The Breazeale Company, the #1 choice for payroll services for small businesses! We are a leading team of payroll specialists driven by experience, and an obsession for excellence and technology. Breazeale offers class-leading payroll services to businesses and organizations across South Carolina.

Our solutions include integrated payroll processing, automated payroll management, vastly improved compliance and tax filing, alongside timekeeping, HR best practices including recruitments, appraisals, and benefits management led by specialists.

We believe each client requires a bespoke online business payroll package and our CPAs help structure these based on the needs and wants of our client’s businesses.

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Our Services
Integrate Payroll Process
Our integrated & proprietary software merges payroll activities with every sphere of your business, making it simple to understand and easier to access.
Automate Payroll
As one of the top HR and Payroll Companies, we offer easy-to-use customized software to automate employee data and simplify payroll management.
Improve Payroll Compliance
Our dedicated payroll specialists provide constant advice while our proprietary software makes it easier to automatically calculate, deduct, and pay taxes on time.
Timekeeping & HR
Payroll solutions technology to automate time-keeping and other HR activities. This helps the HR department function more efficiently and the business to do better.
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Why Choose us?
  • Simple, easy to use, yet extremely versatile system.
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Timekeeping and HR system included
  • Highly customizable system for any payroll needs
  • Personalized customer service
We can also help facilitate and expedite the insurance claim process.
We have a family business dealing in art restoration, and we have several branches in South Carolina. Overall, our establishment employs
around 40 people. We are still in a growing phase and have had a tough time dealing with independent South Carolina State
payroll services. But ever since we have been using Breazeale’s platform, our operations have become a lot simpler.
The service also automates 401(K) filings, employee screenings, health insurance, and has completely
renovated our payroll management and HR services. It is, without doubt, one of the best local
payroll companies across both the Carolinas!”
Andrew K, CEO
Breazeale Customer
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Additional Benefits
Health Insurance
Pre-employment screening
Timekeeping & HR Systems included
Print & Mail Garnishment Check
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